1st Year

Elijah Josiah Gilmore was born at Norwalk Hospital on July 14, 2011 at 8:41 am.  Elijah was such a perfect addition to our family, God knew what we needed when He gave us him.  He was such a laid back individual and because of that he was affectionately known to those who loved him as ‘EJ’.

School Time

Elijah was getting his first dose of being a “big boy” as he rode into work each morning with his father to attend the Naramake preschool housed downstairs on the first floor of Norwalk High School.

Growing Seeds

Growing Seeds​ Child Development Center (GSCDC) which is run by Stephanie Croswell, Director/ Owner​.

Wolfpit Preschool

Elijah then moved on to the ​Wolfpit Preschool​. Wolfpit's objectives support the development of the​ir​ ​students ​through cognitive, emotional, social language, physical and creative activities.

Norwalk SDA Adventurer's Club

Outside of school, Elijah was also a member of the Norwalk SDA Adventurers Club. He thrived there as well. They supported his curiosity and encouraged him to utilize his boundless energy. He thrived there and made many friends.

NHS- Elijah Gilmore Scholarship

Although Elijah was unable to fulfill his likely path to being a member of the Norwalk High School Class of 2029, in memory of Elijah, Norwalk High School and Mr. Henry of the Naramake Preschool came together and started a scholarship in Elijah's name.  It is called the Elijah Gilmore Scholarship Fund.  In May 2016, the first three recipients of the Memorial Scholarship were presented with their award.