School Time

Elijah was getting his first dose of being a “big boy” as he rode into work each morning with his father to attend the Naramake preschool housed downstairs on the first floor of Norwalk High School.

He was excited​ to go to school​ because he had a spider-man b​ackpack and lunch bag. But​,​ learning to share his teacher’s attention with 15 other children ​proved to be a challenge.  ​Over time, he learned how to take turns,​ how to​ share and even ​how to ​use the bathroom on his own. His teachers thought he was a natural​. Elijah​ didn’t show fear and ​would ​actually cr​y​ when the lessons were over. 

​At the time of his untimely passing, ​Elijah ​wa​s a big boy. He ​would ​take the bus to school​, he wasn't taking nap​s during the day, and he​ was a teacher’s helper.  Every day he had a story about his friends from school, what activities he participated in or what crafty thing he made or ​had drawn. ​"​An artist in the making​,"​ his teachers said. He ​enjoyed a celebration and would ask every day​,​ “is it my birthday?’ His favorite holiday ​was Christmas​. December 25th​ couldn’t come fast enough and​ he would​ help decorate the tree.