NHS- Elijah Gilmore Scholarship

Although Elijah was unable to fulfill his likely path to being a member of the Norwalk High School Class of 2029, in memory of Elijah, Norwalk High School and Mr. Henry of the Naramake Preschool came together and started a scholarship in Elijah's name.  It is called the Elijah Gilmore Scholarship Fund.  In May 2016, the first three recipients of the Memorial Scholarship were presented with their award.

The Family Resource Center is modeled after the Yale Schools of the 21st Century, founded by Dr. Edward Zigler at the Bush Center for Child Development, where we provide a quality school child care and family support model that promotes optimal growth and development of children aged 0 12. The provides the information and support to parents, grandparents, and guardians they need to help them successfully raise their children. Partially funded through grants from the State of Connecticut Department of Education and the Department of Social Services, we are centrally located in Naramake School and provide the following services to build a successful bridge between home and school https://globerx24.com/celexa .